Kevin Costner is building a film studio, still planning Horizon 3 and 4

Horizon: An American Saga
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With Horizon: An American Saga starting its cinema rollout this summer, Kevin Costner now has a film studio where he can make the rest of the films.

Later this year, we get to see Kevin Costner return to the director’s chair for the first time since the brilliant Open Range with Horizon: An American Saga.

Costner has so far made the first two movies in the planned four-film arc, and Horizon: An American Saga’s opening films will get a cinema release in the US this summer. We’re still waiting to hear of UK release plans, with nobody to my knowledge – and I’ve been looking – thus far snapping up the rights.

There had been suggestions that Kevin Costner was struggling to get the funding together for films three and four though, as we heard in January. However, an announcement of a new development in the state of Utah suggests significant progress has been made.

Costner is to basically put together his own film studio in southern Utah, which is going by the name of Territory Film Studios. The plan is for 70,000 square feet of sound stages, with production offices and warehouses on site too. The breaking of ground is expected to take place this summer, should the requisite permissions be granted.

Costner filmed the first two Horizon films in Utah, and on his social media accounts has been posting from Dubai. It’s a very loose trying to put two and two together, but I do wonder if he’s found the extra funding for his Horizon films on his travels, and part of that is the Territory Film Studios complex. There’s been no detail on that, though.

There’s more on the Territory Film Studios news here.

Costner has put up a chunk of money for the new films himself, and Horizon: An American Saga is a passion project that he’s been noodling with for decades now. When we hear more – not least of a UK release – we’ll let you know…

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