Kevin Greutert on Saw X sequel: “We’d like to do one”

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Director Kevin Greutert has weighed in on a potential Saw X sequel, but just to be clear, one has not been greenlit.

Saw X is undoubtedly one of this year’s biggest success stories. Not only is it the franchise’s only critically acclaimed instalment, it also revitalised a film series many thought was past its use-by date. 

Now, inevitably, the talk is shifting towards whether or not there will be a sequel. We recently spoke to Greutert about Saw X and before we could even bring it up, he guessed we’d like to talk about the future of Saw

“You’ll probably be asking about the future of the Saw series. I can go straight to that and say, we’d like to do one, but only if we feel very confident that it’s going to be just as good,” the director told us. 

There we go. The franchise clearly has a future and there’s a strong desire to make more great Saw films, but Greutert was strictly against going into detail about what potential sequels would look like and whether they would also be prequels, like Saw X which takes place in between Saw and Saw II

“It’s just too early to say. We all feel strongly that Tobin’s character is crucial, but how he’s kept in the film is undetermined at this point.”

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Greutert did however reveal an intriguing bit of information. In a mid-credits scene in Saw X, we return to the iconic bathroom, where it all started. The very same bathroom where Dr Lawrence Gordon and Adam were trapped in the first Saw film and where several bodies have been dumped over the years. 

That set had to be rebuilt for Saw X, but Greutert tells us they left it standing. 

“We didn’t take down that bathroom set. It’s in the middle of that factory where the rest of the movie takes place. It’s still there, just because you never know.”

Never say never. Here’s to hoping there will be more gloriously gory Saw films in our future. 

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