Your Christmas Or Mine 2 | Trailer released for seasonal sequel

Your Christmas Or Mine 2
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Asa Butterfield and the rest of the cast return for festive follow up Your Christmas Or Mine 2, here’s the trailer.

Your Christmas Or Mine landed on Amazon Prime last year, and it went down really rather well.

The plot saw Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk play young couple James and Hayley who, upon deciding that they don’t want to be apart for Christmas after all, get on each other’s respective trains and find themselves at the others’ family home. Fuelled by farcical misunderstandings, the film is a solid slice of festive fun. It’s no Planes, Trains & Automobiles of course, but then again, what is.

Still! We’re getting more of it, and Your Christmas Or Mine 2 looks set to stick to the same formula. Think of it as a bit Home Alone 2 to Home Alone, if you will.

The synopsis reads as follows:

James’s father has invited the Taylors to spend Christmas in a luxury ski resort in the Austrian Alps, so they can meet his new American girlfriend (Jane Krakowski). However, Hayley’s dad Geoff insisted on handling his family’s side of the booking, and something clearly got lost in translation. After a mix-up with transport at the airport, the two tribes end up at each other’s accommodations, on different sides of a valley and opposite ends of the Tripadvisor ratings scale.

Also returning are Alex Jennings, Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, David Bradley and Natalie Gumede.

It’s the same team back behind the camera too, with Jim O’Hanlon directing from a screenplay by comedian Tom Parry.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 will stream on Prime Video from the 8th December. And who knows? If it goes down well again, then this time next year, we might have a full-on trilogy boxset of these films, that the director can tinker with via various cuts for decades to come! Stranger things have indeed happened…

Watch the trailer below…

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