Kevin Smith | Worldwide rights snapped up for his new comedy, The 4:30 Movie

Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith’s new film, The 4:30 Movie, has been shot and has now been snapped up for distribution worldwide: more here.

Rest is not on the agenda for Kevin Smith, who in recent times has invested in the cinema he frequented when he was younger, rebranding it The Smodcastle Cinemas. He co-owns the site, and also shot a film there by the name of The 4:30 Movie.

Starring Austin Zajur, Nicholas Cirillo and Reed Northrup, The 4:30 Movie is described as a 1986-set comedy of age comedy, centred on three 16-year old chums who sneak into the movies every Saturday. What’s this, though? One of them, one day, invites a girl? Honestly. Tsk. Etc. She’s played by Siena Agudong, and also in the cast are Justin Long, Harley Quinn Smith, Keon Jeong and Jason Lee.

Kevin Smith has, of course, in recent times been successfully making low budget films on his terms, that may not set the box office alight but certainly turn a profit. 2022’s Clerks III, for instance, and 2019’s Jay And Silent Bob Reboot.

This time, he’s sold the global distribution rights to The 4:30 Movie to Saban Films, who worked with him on the aforementioned Jay And Silent Bob Reboot.

Listen to our podcast episode with Kevin Smith here.

Saban’s chief content officer, Jonathan Saba, is describing the film as “like a Valentine to moviegoers form a lifelong film fan that also acts as his most personal production yet”.

He adds that “this is our second of hopefully many movies together”.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to see the film on screens near us, but given that the deal has only just been struck, that’s perhaps not surprising. What’s likely is that The 4:30 Movie will get a limited theatrical outing, before making its money on home formats. Smith, I’d imagine, will put in the miles to promote his film too.

More on The 4:30 Movie as we hear it.

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