Klara And The Sun | Amy Adams set for Taika Waititi’s next film

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Amy Adams will join Jenna Ortega in Taika Waititi’s next film, as the director fills out the cast of Klara And The Sun.

We know that Taika Waititi is tackling Kazuo Ishiguro’s 2021 novel for his next film, following on his most recent movie, last winter’s Next Goal Wins.

We also know that Jenna Ortega will star as Klara in the movie, ‘ a robot girl created to prevent teenagers from becoming lonely.’ 

Now we learn that Amy Adams, it has been confirmed by Deadline, will play the mother of the child who Klara is purchased for.

The casting of Amy Adams brings some real prestige to the project, given that she rightfully seems to be some kind of magnet for Academy Award nominations, having previously snagged six nods from the Academy (bizarrely, with no wins so far). Pairing Amy Adams’ pedigree with Jenna Ortega’s popularity seems like a smart move, and we’re wondering who Taika Waititi has pegged to play the third key role in the film, that of the teenage child who Klara is a companion to.

Last we heard, production was set to begin in Australia in January, but it doesn’t seem that cameras have started rolling yet, so we’re going to assume that it may be later this year.

Given that Taika Waititi’s last couple of films (Thor: Love And Thunder and Next Goal Wins) haven’t exactly set the world alight, especially in the laughter stakes, a project with a more contemplative tone might be the change of pace the director needs. In Amy Adams, he’s certainly found an actor worthy of meeting those aspirations and one who will also be able to bring the best out of Ortega.

We’ll bring you more news on Klara And The Sun as we hear it, but it surely won’t be long before production on the film is up and running. In terms of a release date, the end of this year would be ambitious, but not impossible.

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