Meerkat Movies | Two for one offer is extended for five more years

Meerkat Movies
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Two for one cinema tickets in the UK will continue to run until the end of the decade, it’s been revealed.

It was all the way back in 2015 that Orange Wednesdays came to an end in UK cinemas, bringing to a close one of the best advertising campaigns in modern movies with it.

But with the end of Orange Wednesdays, in came Meerkat Movies, with Compare The Market taking on the promotion for UK cinemas. As you more than likely well know, using its service and after watching a few meerkat adverts, you can get two for one cinema tickets across the UK on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.

The initial contract to run the scheme was for five years, organised in conjunction with Cinema First. Then it was renewed for five years beginning in 2020. Now comes the news – as you probably gleamed from the headline to this article – that the scheme has now been extended for a third time, and will run presumably until the end of 2029, pending a further renewal.

According to figures posted over at Screen Daily, the scheme has been used by 44 million people since it launched in 2015. It’s reckoned that’s saved people over £160m in cinema tickets too.

The extension to the campaign means it’s going to be the longest running promotion of all time when it comes to UK cinema tickets, overtaking its Orange forerunner.

It also means that, when you go to the movies, you’ve got five more years of those meerkats boffing on before your film starts.

Still, not much of a price to pay for getting a free ticket, and initiatives such as these seem pretty important given that cinemas have been under so much pressure in recent times.

Screen Daily

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