Michael Fassbender set for new spy thriller Malko

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Michael Fassbender will be ringing Gerard de Villiers’ Malko Linge to the big screen.

Having taken a break from acting, Michael Fassbender returned to our screens a week or two back with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Now, he’s wearing both actor and producers hats for the upcoming spy thriller, Malko.

The movie is based on Gerard de Villiers’ S.A.S. series of novels, and clearly there’s an eye on a franchise here. Fassbender will take the lead role of Malko Linge, a freelance CIA operative who learned his tricks in a Nazi work camp for captured spies.

He’ll produce the film through his DMC Film banner, and Lionsgate has acquired worldwide rights to the project. Eric Warren Singer is working on the screenplay for the first movie, that’ll be centred primarily on the book Checkpoint Charlie.

No word yet as to who will be directing the film. This might just knock him out of playing James Bond once and for all, too.


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