Mike Colter to lead Plane sequel, titled Ship

Mike Colter in Plane
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Mike Colter’s all-action former French Legionnaire will return for what must have been the easiest film to name, ever. Plane 2 is officially: Ship.

Contains a mild spoiler for Plane.

Plane is still playing in cinemas at the moment and is scoring all-round favourable reviews. Gerard Butler leads the film as the stoutly-named Captain Brodie Torrance, and he’s ably supported by Mike Colter, who brings no shortage of presence to the screen himself. Despite its laughably literal title, Plane comes loaded with a generous dollop of sincerity, for a fairly run-of-the-mill action flick at least. And yes, there’s plenty of fun shooty-shooty stuff too. (You can catch our review here, if you haven’t already.)

Audiences have responded positively to the film and thus, a sequel has been announced before Plane has even left cinemas.

In what must have been the easiest brainstorming session ever, the sequel has been titled Ship. 

Colter’s character, Louis Gaspare has been announced as the lead character in the sequel. For those of you worrying that this all sounds a little too much like the downfall of Speed 2: Cruise Control, another literal-titled action sequel that gave its secondary star top-billing whilst moving the action to sea, fear not.

Unlike Speed 2: Cruise Control (and with the greatest respect to Sandra Bullock who is the best part of that film), as a former French Legionnaire and accused murderer, Gaspare seems like a natural narrative choice to go with here. There’s plenty of conflict left in his story left to work with, not to mention that his story arc in Plane is left somewhat unresolved. Plus, it’s Mike Colter whose unflappable cool always makes him very watchable indeed.

In this sequel, ‘Gaspare hops onboard a cargo ship in East Asia to escape the Philippines. He soon discovers the vessel is being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring and he ends up teaming up with the second mate/navigator to take down the ship’s corrupt captain and keeping its innocent passengers safe whilst trying to liberate its captives.’

The same production companies who worked on Plane are involved, and original director Jean-François Richet will return as an executive producer. The film is expected to shoot later this year with a late 2024/early 2025 release date likely. We’ll let you know more, including who will be directing the project as we hear it.

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