More films than ever were released in UK cinemas last year

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Just over 17 films a week were released into UK cinemas in 2018.


New figures released by the Film Distributors’ Association (the FDA) have painted quite a picture for UK cinema over the past 12 months. In its report on the UK cinema market in 2018, the FDA has recorded that 916 movies got a UK cinema release across the year, up from 874 in 2017.

This is a new record, beating the previous top total – 900 – that was posted back in 2016. It also means that on average, 17 films a week were being released into British cinemas in 2018.

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The flipside of this is that over half of those films didn’t register much of a box office return, with takings below £50,000 at the box office. In fact, 31% of UK cinema releases in 2018 grossed less than £10,000. That said, some of those releases were one-night screenings, or small releases to teases a parallel video on demand unveiling.

The top 20 grossing films of 2018 took home just over 48% of all revenues too, with Avengers: Infinity War the highest individual grosser.

You can get your own copy of last year’s FDA Yearbook, with the full breakdown of its findings, here.

The latest edition should be available shortly.



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