Napoleon to debut on Apple TV+ on 1st March

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Strap on your bayonets and make a noise like a horse – Ridley Scott’s Napoleon is heading to Apple TV+ in just a few short weeks. Don’t wash.

When Ridley Scott’s Napoleon arrived in cinemas last year, the icy (and slightly weird) historical epic proved as divisive as the European map its namesake redrew.

It also proved a bit of a conundrum at the box office. While for decades, a film making $220m from a budget potentially reaching the $200m mark would have been labeled a flop, like Killers Of The Flower Moon before it, the historical epic’s cinematic performance was all more or less free money for a movie initially greenlit to bring eyeballs to Apple’s shiny new(ish) streaming service.

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Well, those eyeballs will finally be on their way. The tech giant turned movie studio have just announced Napoleon is finally heading to Apple TV+ on 1st March.

On its initial release, Napoleon attracted a spot of cannon fire from the historiographical community, who took issues with a few of the film’s historical, uh, reinterpretations. Its director, rather memorably, repeatedly told them to “f**k off”.

No word yet on whether the theatrical version will premiere alongside the reported four-hour director’s cut Scott has been putting together. I for one can’t wait for another 90 minutes of Napoleon and Josephine having unsatisfying congress.

In our review of Napoleon, we called it “A chilly skewering of great man history”. In a good way, obviously. I loved Napoleon, and I won’t hear a single word said against it.

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