Radio Silence and Andy Samberg set to team up for ‘robot comedy’

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The combo of director duo Radio Silence and star Andy Samberg is said to have piqued the interest of studios, with the battle commencing to sign up their untitled robot comedy project.

Here’s a story that caught our eye this morning, not least because it looks like it could have potential to offer a really fun time. Andy Samberg, the comedian and actor, is said to have teamed up with Radio Silence, the directorial duo of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, for an unnamed project that is being pitched to a number of studios as a ‘robot comedy’.

As well as featuring regularly on popular TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Samberg has added his comedic talents to plenty of films, not to mention doing lots of voice work too. As a leading man, he’s starred in some excellent comedies over the years, with 2007’s Hot Rod and 2016’s Popstars: Never Stop Stopping being two highlights. In short, he’s always an entertaining watch, so the thought of him teaming up with two in-demand directors as they turn their hand to comedy is an intriguing one indeed.

Collectively known as Radio Silence, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella have work together to direct and produce, with the group’s breakout film, Ready Or Not arriving in 2019 and announcing their talents for horror skewered with dark comedy. The success of that film earned them a shot at reinvigorating the Scream franchise, which they duly did with two successful entries that breathed new life into the ageing slasher series. The group’s latest film, Abigail, releases in UK cinemas this week, and looks like it will aim for the same sweet spot of scares and laughs in equal measure.

Should Deadline's reports regarding a package project with Samberg prove to be correct, it looks like the group are moving into more comic territory next. We’re keen to see what the planned ‘robot comedy’ might entail and we’re also looking forward to seeing Samberg lead the cast, something he doesn’t get to do often enough. We’ll bring you more on this one as we hear it, which will likely be in pretty short order once the winning studio has acquired the film.

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