Spider-Man | New live action film aiming for September shoot

Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home
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Despite missing some important personnel, Marvel Studios and Sony are reportedly looking to get a new Spider-Man film before the cameras this year.

Sony and Marvel have either done a great job of tying up plenty of key details for their collaboration on Spider-Man 4 (not the actual title, we suspect)… well, either that or the studios have simply pencilled in a date and will try to figure out their collective to-do list in a mad flurry of activity as the summer commences.

According to reports that originated with reporter Daniel Richtman, both Marvel and Sony are working towards a September start date for the follow-up to the 2021’s monstrously successful Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Here are two of the missing details that have been floating around in the news sphere for a while now, although we should preface this list by stating that it is entirely possible (probable, even) that these issues have now been sorted. We’d hope so, anyway given that as details go, they seem to be pretty significant ones.

Firstly, the script. At one point, the two studios couldn’t agree on the story for the next film, with Marvel wanting to go in a ‘street-level’ direction whereas Sony was said to be pushing for another big multiverse tale. We suspect we know which kind of film audiences would prefer, and given Sony’s raft of unimpressive Spidey spin-off films, maybe the studio shouldn’t get to be the ultimate arbiter of taste in this scenario. Even worse could be some kind of cobbled-together compromise. Marvel’s Kevin Feige did say in February that a story had finally been figured out, but we doubt a finished script is in place yet.

Secondly, the director. Both Justin Lin and Drew Goddard have been floated as filmmakers that could replace Jon Watts on the next Spider-Man film. However, both have confirmed to be directing other projects in recent days. According to Richtman, an offer has been made to a director but things will have to be decided pretty quickly to meet that September start date.

Long-time Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal did say a couple of months ago that she was hoping this new film would mark the beginning of another trilogy created by Sony in partnership with Marvel. By the time this film arrives in cinemas (which could even be late next year), let’s hope audiences feel the same. The most recent iteration of Spider-Man with Tom Holland in the suit has proved to be a very popular one and hopefully, that will continue with whatever Spider-Man 4 ultimately becomes.

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