Netflix announces Gears Of War film and animated series

Gears Of War
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The streaming platform Netflix adds yet another series to its growing catalogue of video game adaptations: it’s Gears Of War next.

Netflix has announced via Twitter that it is to bring a film adaptation of  Gears Of War, one of the world’s most popular video game series, to its platform. The Xbox shooter franchise has sold more than 40 million copies across half a dozen games since the release of the original game back in 2006.

The Gears Of War games are set in a grimy, bleak future where humanity’s existence is being threatened by an alien race known as the Locust Horde. Cue lots of shooting and the occasional bit of chainsawing enemies to bits, interspersed with grim dialogue cutscenes and it usually adds up to a pretty fun gaming experience, should those sort of things be your cup of tea.

Other studios have flirted with getting a Gears Of War project off the ground for years now, with New Line Cinema giving it a go back in 2007 before most recently, Universal commissioned a script in 2018. It’s a very cinematic video game series and with a big fanbase, and the feeling has always been that a quality adaptation could be huge.

Of course, Netflix will follow the numbers and presumably its viewing algorithms for previous video game adaptations such as Castlevania, Resident Evil, Tekken and Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners has told the company that Gears of War will land big. The aforementioned adaptations were all anime series though, whereas Gears of War will be getting a live action movie as well as an animated show. The Witcher series is live action though, and that’s not done badly.

Fan casting has long hailed Dave Bautista as the perfect actor to play the series’ lead, Marcus Fenix and the man himself has previously spoken of his desire to play the role. Whether it happens remains to be seen but for now, fans of the games will simply be thrilled that the series is finally getting a film adaptation.


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