Nick Frost, Alicia Silverstone headline Dutch comedy Krazy House

Krazy House
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A bizarre-sounding comedy, Krazy House – starring Nick Frost and Alicia Silverstone – is about to make its debut.

Filmed and ready to go out into the world is a brand new comedy by the name of Krazy House. Frankly, it sounds a bit of a hoot.

Nick Frost, Alicia Silverstone and Gaite Jansen lead the ensemble for the film, which sees Frost in the role of Bernie, a man who discovers tha the Russian workers who are labouring away in his home are a bit more than they seem. Criminals, in fact, who are trying to tear his house apart in the search for ill-gotten wares.

The film actually wrapped right at the start of 2022, with Frost and Silverstone heading to Amsterdam, where the film was shot on location. From interviews they’ve given, they had a blast making it, too.

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Krazy House has been written and directed by Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kull, who are making their English language debut with the feature.

The synopsis for it reads as follows….

When Russian workers in Bernie’s house turn out to be wanted criminals, Bernie has to man up and save his ’90s sitcom family. 

The movie is set to get its world premiere at next month’s Sundance Film Festival, and this is one of the productions where people around the world will be able to buy online access to it. Sundance allows a selection of features to be made available online for paying members of the public, albeit with a limited number of purchases available. It does mean that Krazy House will at least be available to watch in January, as it debuts at Sundance.

Beyond that, we await confirmation of who the British distributor for the film will be. We’re awaiting news keenly on that, and we hope that a wider 2024 release is on the cards. In the meantime, you can find it in the Sundance catalogue, here.

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