No Time To Die: the final trailer launches

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It looks like James Bond might actually return this time, as a final trailer for No Time To Die has just been released.

The story of how the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, became the first movie to delay when word of a pandemic starting making its way around the world has been pretty well told. As has the story of the subsequent delays the film has gone through, before landing in its current October 2021 slot (with September 30th previews in the UK).

Now, we’ve got what we’re told is the final trailer for the movie. And it looks like this…

Previously (July 2021)

What we have here then is two things. Firstly, on the surface, a fresh 30 second promo for the movie that’s been officially released. But secondly, it’s the reigniting of the film’s promotional campaign. The moment where UAR and Universal commits to another huge push for the film, and all the expense involved with that.

There’s not a lot special about this promo then. But what it does seem to confirm – appreciating we’ve been down this road before – is that James Bond will return. And he’ll be back in UK cinemas at the very end of September, and elsewhere in the world in October.

Here’s that promo, although there’s precious little in it that’s not been seen already.

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