Oscar-winning director Sarah Polley to take on live action Bambi

Disney's Bambi
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The winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Sarah Polley, is now adapting  is now adapting Bambi for Disney.

It’s being reported by Deadline that Sarah Polley is in line to helm a live action remake of Bambi for Disney. The film will be the latest in an increasingly long line of live action remakes, of which this summer’s The Little Mermaid is the latest.

Polley is a talented filmmaker and only a couple of months ago, won an Oscar for her screen adaptation of Women Talking. Off the back of that success, she clearly has some juice although hopefully this is one of those ‘one for them’ moves and won’t see her move permanently away from the smarter, sharper films she’s becoming known for.

The announcement comes as rumours are swirling that following this summer’s Barbie, Greta Gerwig, is in talks with Disney regarding a live action take on Snow White. We’re sure that lots of fans of Polley and Gerwig’s work would rather see them telling their stories through their voice, rather than re-telling well-known Disney tales. But, with other huge names like Kenneth Branagh, Jon Favreau, Tim Burton, Robert Zemeckis and Guy Ritchie having already been pulled into the Disney machine, announcements like this are no surprise.

That Disney machine is in full effect too, with around ten more live action conversions in some form of development. The Little Mermaid has grossed $414m so far, which places it pretty high on Disney’s earnings list of live action adaptations. The Disney+ streaming service needs more movies too (especially to replace the stuff that keeps disappearing) so expect these live action remakes to keep on coming.


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