Peanuts: Apple announces a new movie

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A brand new Peanuts film is coming via Apple, from the team behind the 2015 The Peanuts Movie. More here:

Apple Studios has announced that it will be partnering with Wildbrain and Peanuts Worldwide to produce a new animated Peanuts film.

Apparently, the ‘new family film will see the Peanuts gang go on an epic adventure to the Big City, learning the true meaning of friendship while meeting some surprising new friends along the way.’

What’s more, the project has assembled some Peanuts veterans to bring the film to life.

The original story for the film was written by co-writers Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz (son and grandson, respectively, of the late Peanuts creator, Charles Schulz) and Cornelius Uliano, who wrote the 2015 feature film The Peanuts Movie (known as Snoopy And Charlie Brown: A Peanuts Movie in the UK.)

That film’s director Steve Martino has also returned to helm this new take on the world of Peanuts.

The original movie was produced by Blue Sky Studios, the company bought by Disney when it acquired the assets of the 21st Century Fox corporation. Blue Sky was shut down fairly soon afterwards, and its projects shuttered as well.

At least there’s a way forward for a new Peanuts film though. And this is especially good news for those who were wondering if Apple Studios’ commitment to animation was beginning to waver.

The company let its deal with Skydance Animation expire, with the latter eventually going on to forge a collaboration with Netflix instead. Likewise, Apple opted not to back Cartoon Saloon’s last major release, My Father’s Dragon, following its partnership with the company for 2020’s Wolfwalkers.

My Father’s Dragon also went to Netflix too, by the way.

This deal certainly makes sense for Apple as it holds the rights to lots of other Peanuts programming. No release date has been slated as of yet but we’ll let you know more as we hear it.


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