Ducks | Pixar is making its first musical, will involve ducks

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The studio’s in-development project, Ducks, is said to be the first Pixar musical and will focus on ducks, just like the title suggests.

A report has surfaced via Daniel Richtman that claims to have knowledge of a future Pixar project entitled Ducks. Interestingly, Richtman also claims that the project will be Pixar’s first proper musical feature, so not only will you get lots of ducks, but they’ll likely be singing too. And we dare say there might be a Pixar life lesson in there somewhere.

Interestingly, Despicable Me studio Illumination released its own waterfowl-based computer animated film earlier this year – Migration, which was a pleasantly enjoyable adventure.

Little else is known about the project at this stage. We don’t know what point of development its in, or when to expect an official announcement. We do know that Pixar’s upcoming slate includes projects such as Toy Story 5, Elio and Inside Out 2.

Of those, Inside Out 2 is set to arrive first, this summer, with a slated release date in June. Elio had been originally slated to arrive this year, but was shunted back to 2025. Instead, there’s also the planned theatrical releases for the Pixar films that never got a cinema outing during the pandemic, finding themselves shunted straight onto Disney+. With Luca, Soul and Turning Red all on the big screen this year, that’s a lot of Pixar.

That means that this is a big summer for the studio, which found itself facing lots of questions about its future following the release of last year’s Elemental which was originally considered to be disappointing. Still, that film showed some impressive legs with its non-US box-office eventually overtaking the smash-hit Sony animation, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse.

We don’t know when Toy Story 5 is coming and we know even less about Ducks, but a 2027 release is probably about right. Hopefully the coming year will be a Pixar explosion in cinemas, reminding us why we love going to the cinema to see the studio’s films. As for Ducks – we’ll bring you more on that one as we hear it, but it could be a while before anything official is announced.

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