Rebel Moon | Zack Snyder ponders “visceral” critical reaction to A Child Of Fire

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Ahead of Rebel Moon: Part Two, Zack Snyder has talked about the “visceral” reviews of Rebel Moon: Part One, and his plans for R-rated cuts of both films.

Immersive world-building, gritty action, captivating heroes and villains, exotic space-fantasy war machinery… Dune: Part Two really was fantastic, wasn’t it?

Before that, though, we got Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child Of Fire, Zack Snyder’s own take on Star Wars-style space opera. Released on Netflix in December 2023, it received a rather scathing reaction from critics (though we didn’t mind it all that much).

As Snyder gears up the marketing machine for April’s Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver, he’s talked to Empire magazine about those critical notices, and seems quite philosophical about the more grumpy reactions.

“I don’t really have a rebuttal to the reviews,” Snyder said. “For whatever reason, the reaction to my movies is very polarising, and it always has been. The movie, it doesn’t seem like there’s that much in it that would warrant such visceral responses.”

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Once The Scargiver emerges on Netflix, Snyder has more Rebel Moon in store – an R-rated version of both parts that will be somewhat racier and grittier than the versions previously released. So what can we expect from those director’s cuts? “All the gore and hard R-ness and the nudity and the violence and crazy shit,” Snyder enthused. “It’ll be interesting to see what the [critics] say about the director’s cuts. That’s a different kettle of fish.”

Snyder has good reason to be relaxed about Rebel Moon’s standing among critics. By his reckoning, 160 million people have watched the first chapter on Netflix.

Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver is streaming on Netflix from 19th April.

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