Return To Paradise | BBC announces second Death In Paradise spin-off

Return To Paradise
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Death In Paradise is getting another spin-off, Return To Paradise will begin production next year.

What is being dubbed “The Paraverse” is expanding once again, as the BBC has announced a second spin-off from Death In Paradise, entitled Return To Paradise.

Death In Paradise has been one of the BBC’s most successful dramas in recent years. Created by Robert Thorogood in 2011, the show’s thirteenth series will begin next year. It has seen Ben Miller, Ardal O’Hanlon and current detective Ralf Little solve a remarkably high number of murders for such a small Caribbean island.

Earlier this year, Marshall’s character Humphrey Goodman starred in spin-off Beyond Paradise, which paired him with Sally Bretton and relocated the action to Cornwall. It proved popular with viewers and will return for a Christmas special and a second series next year.

Return to Paradise will be a six part drama set in Australia. It will begin production next year.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Australian ex-pat Mackenzie Clarke is the seemingly golden girl of the London Metropolitan police force – with an intuitive approach to detective work, she has built a reputation for being able to crack the most impossible of cases. However, she’s suddenly forced to up sticks and move back to her childhood home of Dolphin Cove, a beautiful, coastal paradise… and Mackenzie’s worst nightmare.

Having escaped her hometown at the earliest opportunity six years ago, Mack vowed she’d never come back, leaving a lot of unfinished business and unanswered questions. On her return she’s still no fan of the town, and the people of Dolphin Cove are certainly no fans of hers. In fact everyone would prefer her not to be there, including Mackenzie herself. But when a murder takes place in Dolphin Cove, Mack can’t help but put her inspired detective brilliance to good use and determines, despite her reservations, that she needs to make the best of it, including tying up the loose ends wit.

The show was created by Thorogood, Peter Mattessi and James Hall, with scripts written by Mattessi alongside Elizabeth Coleman, Alexandra Collier and Kodie Bedford.

We’re expecting to see episodes on screen before the end of 2024.


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