The Last Caveman | Harry Hill writes, directs and stars in silent comedy

The Harry Hill Movie
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Big collared comedian Harry Hill has written, directed and stars in silent slapstick comedy The Last Caveman, it premieres at the Prince Charles Cinema this month.


Harry Hill may be synonymous with the sublime silliness of TV Burp or as the long-time voiceover artist for You’ve Been Framed, but he has also been a big screen star in 2013’s The Harry Hill Movie (which I’m pretty confident in claiming to be the only film in existence to feature both Julie Walters and four piece pop band The Magic Numbers. The film is also pictures).

The Harry Hill Movie didn’t set the box office alight, and was criticised quite a lot around the time of its release. Hill is a firm movie fanatic however, and has now come up with something else.

We now learn, therefore, that Hill has now written, directed and starred in a silent comedy by the name of The Last Caveman, which will premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London later this month.

Hill stars as the titular caveman, alongside fellow comedians Holly Burn, Nick Helm, Jason Forbes, Dave Thompson, who was the original Tinky Winky in Teletubbies, and actor Tom Walkinshaw. Not a bad cast, that.

The plot follows “Hill as a prehistoric man who believes himself to be the last caveman on Earth, fighting animals and realising he’s maybe not quite as alone as he thought …”.

The bad news is that tickets for the premiere are sold out, there are currently no details on a wider release. But hopefully those who can’t get to London for its debut will also get a chance to see the film at some point in the future.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more on that. For the moment though, the majority of us are out of luck on this one.

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