Ridley Scott | Now he’s wrapped Gladiator 2, it’s onto the Bee Gees biopic

Sir Ridley Scott
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Ridley Scott looks set to take on the long-in-gestation biopic of the Bees Gees, according to a new report: more here.

The official biopic of the musical brothers The Bee Gees has gone through a couple of gestations in recent times. I remember stories writing about when Kenneth Branagh was set to direct the film. Then, Sing Street’s John Carney was attached. Now though? It looks as if the thing is finally going to get made, because Sir Ridley Scott looks set to jump aboard.

He’s in post-production at the moment on Gladiator 2, and showing little sign of waiting around for his next film. He’s in negotiations to direct the Bee Gees film for Paramount Pictures, with a screenplay by John Logan apparently pretty much in place.

The film has the backing of Barry Gibb, who’s serving as executive producer on the project. Paramount got the script to Ridley Scott quickly, it’s reported, and while his deal to make the movie isn’t yet concluded, it’s likely to be. And if he does sign on the dotted line, then expect filming to get going this year.

For Paramount, it’s a project that makes sense, given the joy it’s been having with music biopics. Rocketman was a hit for the studio, and it’s just released Bob Marley: One Love this very week. That’s expected to do decent box office too.

The studio got life rights to the Gibb family estate when it set the movie up in the first place back in 2019. The deal also includes the rights to use songs from The Bee Gees in the film as well.

Gladiator 2 is set to arrive in November 2024, and Ridley Scott will be delivering his final cut of that shortly, we’d imagine. Long before that, we’d expect more news on the Bee Gees film. We’ll keep you posted…


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