Rob Savage wants to make a Nightmare On Elm Street film

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The director of The Boogeyman expresses his desire to tackle Wes Craven’s classic supernatural slasher series A Nightmare On Elm Street.

With no pun seemingly intended, director Rob Savage has called A Nightmare On Elm Street a ‘dream project’, saying its use of a  ‘surreal dream space’ is the ‘mode of horror’ that he wants to work in. Savage’s latest film, The Boogeyman, picked up strong reviews when it released back in June. You can catch our thoughts on the film here.

According to IMDb, Savage has a few projects lined up but nothing ready to go. However, the filmmaker would like to get a phone call from whoever holds the rights to the Nightmare On Elm Street films. Here’s his take:

“There’s lots of franchises that I grew up loving,” he told Screen Rant.I think Nightmare On Elm Street is one that comes to mind. I know there’s a bit of a rights issue or something going on there. I’m not sure if anyone’s gonna get to do A Nightmare On Elm Street movie for a long time, but that mode of horror storytelling that plays in kind of surreal dream space. There’s so much you could do with that and there’s nothing really since Nightmare On Elm Street that’s done that to the level that Wes [Craven] was doing. So that world and that character would be a dream project.”

Consider Savage’s hat firmly tossed into the ring then, should the opportunity ever emerge. He definitely did Stephen King’s short story justice with his take on The Boogeyman, so a tilt at Wes Craven’s classic? We suppose it all depends on whether those rights issues get cleared up before that comes to pass.

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