RoboCop Returns: Neill Blomkamp departs the project

RoboCop Returns
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The new RoboCop film needs a new director.

The list of unmade Neill Blomkamp science fiction movies looks like it’s just grown by one. He’s dropped out of directing RoboCop Returns, it’s been revealed, as MGM looks to get the project moving quickly.

Blomkamp had previously been linked with a fresh Alien sequel, that would have directly followed the first two movies. That film was put on the backburner when Fox instead backed Ridley Scott again with Alien Covenant. There was talk too of a follow-up to Blomkamp’s Oscar-nominated District 9, but that hasn’t come to pass either.

In the case of the new RoboCop film, Blomkamp announced the news on his Twitter feed, revealing that it’s his commitment to a new horror/thriller that’s led to him departing the project. Here’s his Tweet on the matter…

No word yet on who is taking over as director on the movie. The plan is for the new RoboFilm to be a sequel to the original. No word either on just what the horror/thriller is that Blomkamp has planned. We’ll keep you posted on both.


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