Saw reboot aiming to return to the core roots of the franchise

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The upcoming reboot of the Saw franchise is going to take things back to basics a little, its director has revealed in a new interview.

Though it would ultimately be remembered, rightly or wrongly, for launching a genre of graphic and grisly torture, the director of the upcoming Saw series reboot argues that’s not what truly defines the franchise.

The director of Spiral, the upcoming reboot of the Saw horror franchise – Darren Lynn Bouseman – has been chatting about his take on why the long-running series is ripe for a return.

Whilst talking to the No Praise From God podcast (via Cinema Blend), Bouseman gave his thoughts about the new film’s direction and Chris Rock’s involvement, both as star and producer, stating that the new film would seek to take the series back to its roots:

“Chris Rock’s character is dealing with some baggage which I, and many others, will find themselves dealing with. Moreso in a relationship with father and son, with Samuel L Jackson who plays his dad”, he said.

“We definitely get into stuff like that. And we definitely get into philosophies. I think of the things I love about the Saw franchise in general is the philosophies of what the killer is doing. If you go back and watch what Jigsaw is doing it’s a philosophy. He’s trying to teach people to appreciate their life”.

Before later entries into the franchise descended into outlandishly gruesome fare, the first film in particular embodies this idea, and Bouseman, it seems, is keen to return the series to some of its interesting core ideas (rather than fall into the pattern of increasingly graphic scenes of suffering that characterised the later sequels).

The involvement of both Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson is intriguing too and we hope that this can find that spark that made the first film such a fresh entry to the horror genre.

More on this one as we hear it.

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