Scoob!: Holiday Haunt score being recorded despite film’s cancellation

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Warner Bros has pulled the plug on Scoob!: Holiday Haunt but the score will be recorded because everybody’s already been paid.

Whilst it isn’t quite the same as the band on the Titanic playing mournful tunes as the ship began to sink, you have to wonder at the bizarre turns that the Warner Bros’ cancellation stories are now taking. Following the sudden and shocking cancellations of Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt last week – even those  lots of people have been left mystified at the strange decision-making going on at Warner Bros following its merger with Discovery.

Now tragedy (and we offered our thoughts on this here) has turned to farce with the revelation that the musical score for Scoob!: Holiday Haunt has been recorded, even though the film has been cancelled. Why? Because everybody involved has already been paid.

On Saturday, Tony Cervone, the film’s producer took to social media to state that the film’s score was about to be recorded, stating: “So what do you do when the movie is cancelled, but you’ve already paid for the stage and the musicians? You record the damn score!”

What next? Now we’re wondering what else may have been paid for ahead of these films being cancelled. What’s more, can we get in on the action? If for example, the catering for each film’s premiere has been paid for, we won’t see it go to waste, we like a good buffet. What about merchandise? T-shirts? Pez dispensers? We’ll be able to to shift them, we’re sure.

In all seriousness, whilst is undoubtedly good to see that the talented professionals involved are being properly recompensed for their time, sadly, we won’t get to enjoy their talents in the way a film score should be enjoyed… alongside the film. There’s also the question of waste to consider here. The amount of money Warner Bros has thrown away by cancelling these films, not to mention paying for scores that will never be used is scandalous when young filmmakers are struggling to catch a break and find funding.

We’ll bring you more as this increasingly strange story as we hear it.


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