Sega developing a Streets Of Rage movie

Streets of Rage
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It’s reported that another classic 1990s Sega title is due to get the movie treatment – this time it’s Streets Of Rage. 

Buoyed by the success of another successful Sonic The Hedgehog release, Sega has announced that it’s adapting another of its classic 1990s video game titles into a film. This time, Streets Of Rage will be getting the movie treatment. Whilst never achieving the same level of success as Sonic, the Streets Of Rage series was still a very popular game franchise, following a group of former cops who band together in a side-scrolling beat-’em-up to clean up their city.

In an era that was awash with games of this genre, Streets Of Rage was a classic thanks to its memorable characters and crunchy-feeling combat. What’s more, the series even received a belated fourth entry back in 2020, proving that there’s still a gaming audience out there for the title.

Whether there’ll be a movie audience out there remains to be seen, but Sega has certainly brought the right personnel in so far, with John Wick and Nobody scribe Derek Kolstad writing the film, reportedly as a spec script which Sega then purchased.

There’s no other news as yet about who else will be involved, but we’re looking forward to seeing the direction that Kolstad might have taken with his script for a Streets Of Rage film. Will the movie play it straight in the vein of the John Wick films or take things in a slightly more fun direction, given the inherent goofiness of the premise?

Either way, we’re certainly looking forward to finding out. The news that Kolstad has written the script now means that much of the creative partnership behind the first John Wick are now in the video game adaptation business. Kolstad has penned Streets Of Rage whilst director Chad Stahelski is working on a Ghost of Tsushima adaptation for PlayStation. Bullet Train director David Leitch, who was also involved with the direction of John Wick on an uncredited level is producing the long gestating adaptation of The Division for Netflix, another video game being turned into a movie.

While we’re not sure who’ll get their movie to the screens first, you can be sure that we’ll bring you more news on each project as we hear it.


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