Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright line up next film, no ice creams allowed

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Simon Pegg has revealed that he and Edgar Wright are beginning the process of figuring out what their next collaboration will be. 

Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy is rightly celebrated as one of the chief joys to emerge from a filmmaker’s brain over the course of the last 25 years. Although it was, of course, the product of more than just one brain, with star Simon Pegg having huge input too – not to mention the brilliant onscreen talents of lots of talented actors, not least Nick Frost.

It looks like Wright and Pegg are set to reunite again, and whilst the duo aren’t yet saying what their next film will be, they are happy to tell us what it won’t be. Pegg sat down to tell DiscussingFilm: “It’s not going to be another sort of Cornetto film in that those movies were specifically genre riffs, which addressed the idea of the collective versus the individual. There are certain kinds of thematic consistencies between those three movies which make them a trilogy – it’s not just the ice cream, it’s a series of connecting thematic details.”

Pegg seems clear from the outset that whatever comes next, those ideas have been fully explored and the pair want to embrace a fresh approach. “With what do next, we want to be completely different from that. We don’t want to do a take on action movies or a take on sci-fi or a take on horror. We want to make a movie that is totally its own thing, existing outside of the Cornetto trilogy. My desire, really, is to do something super different.”

The actor goes on to say that simply creating sequels or churning out similar material would be a ‘lazy impulse’ and he’s keen to resist that, adding that he’d prefer to make audiences less comfortable rather than heading down the well-trodden sequel path to appease them: “You know, my favourite of the Cornetto trilogy is The World’s End,” he says, “because it’s the least audience friendly. It’s the darkest of the three. It’s the most challenging, and I love the idea of actually putting the audience in a position where they have to feel a little bit uncomfortable and not necessarily cozy into the familiar. So whatever we do next, it’ll be difficult that’s for sure.”

We’re excited, we like the direction that Pegg is looking to take and we can’t wait to hear more. Rest assured, we’ll definitely be bringing you more news on this one as we hear it.

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