Sometimes Always Never: terrific Bill Nighy-headlined film lands UK release date

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Here’s a film to watch out for, as Sometimes Always Never is confirmed for a June UK release date.


One of the films that we’ve covered in issue three of Film Stories magazine, that we start shipping next week, is Sometimes Always Never. It’s a really good movie, too, penned by Frank Cottrell Boyce and directed by Carl Hunter.

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Bill Nighy and Jenny Agutter lead the cast, with the film telling the story of a man who’s been searching for his missing son for years, after said son left over a game of Scrabble. When Nighty’s character comes across a Scrabble player online who he thinks may be said son, he – with the help of his younger offspring – goes off to try and find him.

Also in the cast are the brilliant Alice Lowe, Sam Riley and Tim McInnerny. And the film has been picked up for UK release now by Parkland Entertainment.

It’s set a release date of June 14th for the movie in UK cinemas (as per Screen). It’s well, well worth marking in your diaries.

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