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If you have a bit of spare change, we’ve set up a Patreon account to help support and fund Film Stories’ website and podcast.

Greetings, chums. Over the past year, we’ve been ramping up the amount of material we’ve been putting up on this website. We’ve made sure there’s at least one new feature every weekday, as well as lots of news stories. Stories of small productions and British films alongside big blockbusters. Hopefully, you’ll agree that it’s a mix not many others in the UK are providing.

What we’ve also tried to do is resist clickbait, and not fill our pages with horrible adverts, like those vile things where you’re encouraged to click and see how someone looks today because they’ve had the sheer temerity to age 20 years. Hopefully, this encourages you not to use an ad blocker.

We’ve also produced and made available over 140 podcast episodes and counting.

All of this is available to you free of charge. There’s no threat of that changing. But it does of course all cost money. Our magazines are still not in profit, but we want to continue to offer the opportunities for people we think they provide. And we could just use any funds we can find to support the work of Film Stories, and help us give opportunities to even more writers. Everybody, but me, gets paid at Film Stories. That’s the rule, because I believe working for ‘exposure’ is something to be given a Paddington hard stare.

Thus, we’ve got a Patreon. It’s a simple system whereby you can give us a quid a month, lots of quids a month, no quids a month. It’s entirely up to you. It just all helps.

It’s here.

Thanks as always for your time and support. And anything you can all do to help spread the word of Film Stories helps us enormously. Thank you.

Simon Brew
Film Stories

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