Sylvester Stallone is doing a director’s cut of Rocky IV

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Sylvester Stallone reveals that he’s working on a longer cut of the all-time 80s classic, Rocky IV – bring on more Ivan Drago, we say.

Well, how about this for a stop the press piece of movie news. There’s no more 1980s film on planet Earth I’d happily argue than the peerless Rocky IV, that saw Sylvester Stallone deliver a sequel pitting Rocky Balboa against DOlph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago.

It shouldn’t have worked. The movie runs for 89 minutes, and genuinely around a quarter of that is made up of montages and flashbacks. Yet it’s a gleefully brilliant slice of 80s blockbuster entertainment, and I for one live in hope of a Criterion Collection edition.

I may not get my wish on that front, though, but Sylvester Stallone nonetheless has a treat in store. For on his social media account, Stallone has announced that he’s working on a new director’s cut of Rocky IV. No word on the once-promised director’s cut of Rocky Balboa (more on that here) but heck, this will more than do thank you very much.

No timescales have been announced as of yet, but that doesn’t stop this writer being very excited indeed.

Here’s our podcast, telling the story of Rocky IV as it stands…

More as we hear it.



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