The Call Centre: how you can support an ambitious upcoming British production

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The Call Centre is a new project that tells the story of a woman working in a call centre, who makes a very risky decision.

Louisa Connolly-Burnham, currently known for her work in front of the camera in the likes of Wolfblood and Call The Midwife, is next to take a step behind it.

She’s putting together her writing and directorial debut, a short film by the name of The Call Centre. It’s an ambitious production, too, that charts the story of a young woman working at, well, a call centre. But after a conversation with a customer by the name of David, she breaks the rules, and – sensing a connection between them – goes off to try and find him in person. Things, we suspect, do not go well.

Connolly-Burnham is also set to take the lead role in the production, which will be the first from her newly-formed company, Thimble Films.

Fundraising is underway now, and you can back and support the project over at Kickstarter, here:

Here’s her campaign video…

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