The Creator | Gareth Edwards rules out a sequel to his terrific sci-fi film

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The director of the newly-released sci-fi thriller The Creator has explained why we won’t see a sequel, even if the world demands one.

The Creator is out in the world and it’s made us realise that we’ve missed Gareth Edwards making films. Since the rocky production of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ahead of its 2016 release, Edwards hasn’t directed another film until The Creator. 

You can catch our glowing review of the film here, and whilst some outlets are noting that the film’s US opening looks soft, strong word of mouth may yet play a part in shaping The Creator's fortunes. Plus, when you consider that such a resoundingly epic film was made for just $80m, it might look like a huge blockbuster but it won’t have to hit those ludicrous financial targets to see a profit or spawn a sequel.

Not that Edwards is planning to tell another story in that film’s universe, with the director having revealed to The Direct that he has no interest in making a sequel to The Creator.

Edwards gives a longer take on his thoughts (which are well worth a read), but here’s the upshot in his own words: “My favourite thing about cinema versus television is that cinema ends. My favourite part of the story is the ending. And I really like it when you sort of work backward from the end, and everything’s leading up to this climax, where there’s a kind of mic drop moment, and the credits roll. They’re my favourite kind of films.”

He added that “there’s no intention to do part two or anything like [that]…. I’m very happy to see this being a standalone, one-off, self-contained story. [Those are] my favourite types of films.”

When it comes to The Creator, we’d have to agree with him too as (no spoilers here), the film really nails its final act, something that other films that look as expensive as his often fail to do. That’s usually because they’re too busy setting up the next film in the franchise or keeping their powder dry for that all-important team-up or crossover movie.

An original movie, made for a (relatively) modest budget that tells a complete story? What will they think of next? Maybe Edwards is already dreaming up his next film along those lines. We certainly hope so.

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