The Four Seasons | Tina Fey returns to television comedy with film adaptation

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Tina Fey returns to television comedy with an adaptation of the 1981 film, The Four Seasons. Here are the first details of her latest show…

Actor, writer, comedian and producer Tina Fey is returning to the small screen to co-write and star in The Four Seasons, an adaptation of the 1981 film of the same name which was written and directed by Alan Alda, who also starred alongside Carol Burnett, Len Cariou, Sandy Dennis, Rita Moreno, Jack Weston, and Bess Armstrong.

The plot followed three couples who vacation together during each of the four seasons. One of the men leaves his wife for a younger woman, who he brings to the next vacation, leading to conflict. A short lived television adaptation followed in 1984.

Fey co-created the television version with fellow 30 Rock writers Lang Fisher and Tracey Wigfield. Alan Alda will also executive produce.

30 Rock is by some margin one of the best, most intelligently-scripted sitcoms of the 2000s. Writer Tina Fey, who starred alongside Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, made an indelible mark on the comedy landscape over eight seasons, following the trials and tribulations of writing and producing a long running sketch show, inspired by her time working on Saturday Night Live. The show ran from 2006 to 2013.

Two years later, Fey co-created The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which starred Ellie Kenper and ran for four seasons.

Undoubtably Fey’s biggest success came when she wrote the screenplay for 2004 comedy Mean Girls, which became one of the defining teen films of the 2000s. She went on to adapt the film into a successful stage musical, which premiered in 2017. Bringing things full circle, Fey adapted the musical into a screenplay – Mean Girls: The Musical will be released in UK cinemas on the 17th January. Here’s the trailer for that particular piece of entertainment:

The Four Seasons is currently in production for Netflix. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.


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