The Irishman runtime confirmed at three and a half hours

The Irishman
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Martin Scorsese’s new film will run to around 210 minutes.

Whilst debates continue as to which cinemas will show Martin Scorsese’s upcoming gangster epic The Irishman and which won’t – you can read more about that here – the official runtime of the movie has been confirmed. And it presents another problem for cinemas who are looking to play the film: the film is very, very long.

The Netflix-funded production is coming in at a bottom-testing 210 minutes, and we’d have to say that to have such a long film with such a hefty bill – around $160m is the film’s rumoured production budget – demonstrates the current spending power of Netflix.

The movie is heading to the streaming service worldwide on November 27th. Ahead of that, some cinemas will be showing it.

Just don’t ask us which one as of yet…

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