The Karate Kid | Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio teaming up for new film

The Karate Kid announcement
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The stars of The Karate Kid old and new – including Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio – are teaming up for the new film at Sony. Here are the details:

It would be easy to imagine we’re reliving the past. Doctor Who is as popular as ever, with anticipation high for new episodes of the show. We’ve had new music from The Beatles. And now? A new Karate Kid film is in production as well.

The Karate Kid, it seems, has never been more popular. Five films eventually led to smash hit Netflix sequel series Cobra Kai, which is set to return for its sixth and final series next year.

Sony announced a new Karate Kid back in September 2022, and in August this year revealed that Jackie Chan would be reprising his role as Mr Han from the 2010 remake.

However, the studio has now also gone and announced (via Variety) that series stalwart Ralph Macchio will star alongside Jackie Chan, reprising his role as protagonist (or antagonist, depending on whose point of view you take in the original film) Daniel LaRusso.

Confusingly, Jon Hurwitz, one of the creators and writers of Cobra Kai, previously confirmed that they were not involved and that it would not feature characters from the series, so quite when and where it takes place remains to be seen. It may be that these are two streams destined not to be crossed.

As for the new The Karate Kid? Jonathan Entwistle will direct from a screenplay by Rob Lieber.

What’s more, the hunt is now on for the next Karate Kid (not to be confused with The Next Karate Kid, who was Hilary Swank). A global casting search has been announced as well, which is apparently now underway. There’s no word as to whether Jaden Smith, who was the titular kid in the 2010 remake, will reprise his role.

Chan and Macchio announced the news in a rather endearing video, which you can watch below…

No word yet on an official release date or anything, but we’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more…

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