Blank trailer | Fancy a new British sci-fi thriller?

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A new British sci-fi thriller is coming to screens in January – and we’ve got the trailer for Blank right here.

It’s tough being an independent in the current marketplace, especially so if you’re trying to cut through with a science fiction project. We’ve seen Gareth Edwards’ The Creator – off the back of strong reviews – fall short of Disney’s box office hopes, and thus put science fiction back under the microscope.

Lots of bonus points therefore to director Natalie Kennedy, who has put the finishing touches to her science fiction thriller, Blank. This is a British production, starring Rachel Shelley, Heida Reed and Wayne Brady.

The script has come from Stephen Herman, whilst Rebecca Clare-Evans has produced. And now we hear that the film will arrive on January 8th 2024. It’s going to digital download services, and we’ve got a trailer and a synopsis.

It feels to us that writing about films such as Blank is important, and worth our words more than another article about another big film. These are the kind of films that struggle to find limelight, so dammit, let’s give it some. Please do spread the word if you can.

Anyway, let’s do the synopsis first. We did promise you that. It reads as follows…

After checking in at an AI-operated writer’s retreat, Claire finds herself trapped in her unit with a malfunctioning android. As her captor becomes increasingly unstable, she has to outsmart the technology to make it out alive…

And the trailer? It’s right here…

Sparky Pictures is behind the release, along with Templeheart Films and Kenmore Films, and hopefully, we’ll feast our eyes on the film soon. Reviews so far have been rather good – the Guardian even describing it as “Misery meets Ex Machina,” which sounds very much like our kind of thing. In the meantime, do help spread the word. And we’ll keep looking for other indie British movies that could use a bit of a push.

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