The Keeper tells the story of the goalkeeper with a broken neck: first trailer

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The first trailer lands for The Keeper, that’s heading into UK cinemas in April.


Ah. For my sins, I support Birmingham City Football Club, a team that notably managed to lose and FA Cup final in 1956, in spite of the opposing team’s goalkeeper playing on with a broken neck. This one, then, should bring back happy memories.

For said goalkeeper, Bert Trautmann, is the subject of an intriguing new movie by the name of The Keeper. At heart, it’s the story of him and the love of his life, Margaret, and the tribulations they have to go through.

David Kross is playing Bert and Freya Mavor will take on the role of Margaret in the movie, that’s been directed by Marcus H Rosenmuller. A first trailer has just been released for the film, that’s also had confirmation of its release date.

Here, then, is that trailer…

And you can expect the film in cinemas from April 5th.

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