The Last Voyage Of The Demeter releases short featurette

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Ahead of this Friday’s release in the US, catch a glimpse of how The Last Voyage Of The Demeter was brought to life (or un-life).  

Oh yes. Of all the Dracula adaptations that have come or are yet to appear (and there are many), this is the one that lots of Dracula fans have been relishing the most. That’s right, even more that seeing Nicolas Cage as the undead count in this year’s Renfield.

The Last Voyage Of The Demeter is set to release in the US on Friday, with Andre Øvredal’s upcoming film promising to adapt a single chapter of Bram Stoker’s original novel, where the vampire preys on the unwitting crew of the Demeter as he travels by sea to England.

That’s right, it’s basically a gothic version of Predator, but instead of a steaming Central American jungle, the action takes place on a claustrophobic, brooding ship that’s just trying to get to Whitby. And yes, instead of an ugly alien warrior, we get an equally-ugly vampiric icon preying on the hapless ship crew.

To whet appetites Universal has released a short featurette to promote the film’s imminent launch.

In it, you can see how the production team bought Dracula to life for the film, including harnessing the impressive physical prowess of  Javier Botet. The 6’7 actor has played a gallery of monsters including Slender Man, the xenomorph in Alien Covenant, as well as roles in established horror franchises such as It and The Conjuring.

David Dastmalchian of The Suicide Squad will play the ship’s first mate, whilst Game Of Throne‘s Liam Cunningham will also be on board to no doubt play another salty sea dog as he did in the HBO fantasy show.

The film was set to be released by Entertainment One in the UK, so we’re not quite sure what the current plan for a local release is. We’ll keep you posted…

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