The Magic Faraway Tree | Simon Farnaby scripted adaptation heading to production (at last)

The Magic Faraway Tree
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Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree is finally heading to the movies, with Simon Farnaby writing the script. More here.

For many years, there’s been talking of bringing Enid Blyton’s much-loved children’s tale The Magic Faraway Tree to the big screen. The book’s character names changed over time – there’s no Fanny anymore – but it’s still continued to find a new audience.

Once upon a time, the idea of a film of The Magic Faraway Tree was something being set up at Studiocanal. However, when personnel left Studiocanal to set up Elysian, the film went with them. Simon Farnaby has long been attached to write the script, and he’s remained a constant as the project bumbles along in limbo.

But it sounds as if it’s just found fresh life.

Still with Elysian, funding has now been chipped in too via Neal Street Productions. The fact that Farnaby’s just come off the back of co-writing both Ghosts and Wonka, and previously co-wrote Paddington 2, can’t have hurt. He chatted to us here.

What gives the film extra impetus is that there’s a director aboard now as well. Ben Gregor most recently has been working on the likes of Britannia, but he does have form when it comes to family cinema. He directed a low budget British musical family film called All Stars just over a decade ago. It was a film that was (unfairly) hit by critics, and then found box office traction. Deservedly so.

The Magic Faraway Tree is said to have a modern tone to it, per Deadline, and the film is looking for buyers over the next month or so, with a view to start shooting this coming June. Casting is said to be underway now, and so we should have some more concrete information over the coming weeks.

The pointers are towards a 2025 release date at the moment. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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