The Movie Critic | Tom Cruise linked to role in Tarantino’s final film

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Following many years of dominance as an action star, Tom Cruise is reportedly taking a dramatic role in Quentin Tarantino’s The Movie Critic.

A couple of weeks ago, a story was floating around which suggested Tom Cruise was keen to secure a role in The Movie Critic, Quentin Tarantino’s final film. Following a decade in which he has largely stuck to action movies, Cruise’s recent deal with Warner Bros came alongside suggestions that he was keen to launch a new period in his career where he would return to the kind of dramatic roles that he has largely neglected for the last ten years or so.

Hollywood scooper Jeff Sneider first reported that Cruise was looking to reshape his career by securing a role in Tarantino’s final film. That was a couple of weeks ago, and now Variety has confirmed the story, adding that Cruise’s recent deal with Warner Bros included discussions as to whether the studio could get the rights to the Tarantino project and secure Cruise a role in the film.

The Variety piece also states that Crusie’s desire is to begin moving away from action franchises and instead work with auteur filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson. Cruise memorably worked with Anderson on 1999’s Magnolia, continuing a string of moves that saw him work with legendary filmmakers such as Spielberg, Kubrick and Scorsese.

It’d make sense to see Cruise move back into more dramatic roles. Although he’s still fun to watch as an action superstar, even Tom Cruise can’t run forever. (Or can he?) Plus, we miss the days when he’d bring his star power and talents to projects as wide-ranging as Interview With The Vampire, Valkyrie, Vanilla Sky, Magnolia and even that memorable cameo in Tropic Thunder.

As it stands, 2017’s American Made is probably Cruise’s most dramatic role of the last ten years and while that film was a fun watch, it didn’t necessarily stretch Cruise too much as an actor, relying largely on his charisma instead. As far as a role in The Movie Critic, goes we don’t yet know who is in line to feature in Tarantino’s final film. Brad Pitt has been mentioned, as has Paul Walter Hauser, but the idea of Cruise collaborating with Tarantino is an appealing one. Hopefully, all involved can make it happen. We’ll bring you more on this one as we hear it.

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