The Suicide Squad UK DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release details

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The Suicide Squad arrives on premium video on demand in the UK this month, and on disc formats in November: more details right here.

It might not have set the box office alight in the manner in which Warner Bros might have hoped, but the general response to James Gunn’s film The Suicide Squad was certainly on the warm side. Still, the mixed release strategy in the US – it was in cinemas at the same time as hitting the HBO Max streaming service – may have slightly backfired. In the UK it had an exclusive cinema release, but that’s now been followed by a faster than usual journey to home formats.

Warner Bros has now confirmed that the film will be available to digitally rent via premium video on demand services from Monday 6th September. Meanwhile, it’s also confirmed when the physical media releases are coming too.

The film will be on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray from November 8th in the UK. You can find the listing and more information here.

The extra features you get vary by format, and after taking a look at the official press announcement, we’ve made the executive decision to deploy cut and paste. Note that a Blu-ray is included with the 4K version too, so you’ll be getting all those extras as well…

Blu-ray extras…

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Gotta Love the Squad-Explore everything from The Suicide Squad’s comic book origins that influenced their look, weapons, and in some cases, their final demise.
  • The Way of the Gunn-Get an inside look at what makes The Suicide Squad a James Gunn film.
  • It’s a Suicide Mission (Scene Breakdown)-Go behind the scenes of The Squad’s doomed beach invasion.
  • My Gun’s Bigger Than Yours (Scene Breakdown)-John Cena and Idris Elba breakdown Bloodsport and Peacemaker’s kill-count competition.
  • Harley’s Great Escape (Scene Breakdown)-Step on set to see how this intricate, physically spectacular sequence was brought to life as Margot Robbie shows off her action hero skills.
  • The Fall of Jotunheim (Scene Breakdown)-Discover how production captured the epic destruction for real.
  • Starro:It’s a Freakin’ Kaiju!-The creation of the mega starfish creature.
  • Bringing King Shark to Life-Find out how James Gunn, Steve Agee, Sylvester Stallone and the visual effects team brought King Shark to life.
  • War Movie Retro Trailer-A military reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
  • Horror Movie Retro Trailer-A horrific reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
  • Buddy-Cop Retro Trailer-A mismatched sidekick reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
  • Commentary by Director/Writer James Gunn

And the 4K…

  • Commentary by Director/Writer James Gunn
  • Harley’s Great Escape

But the DVD only gives you…

  • The Way of the Gunn – Get an inside look at what makes The Suicide Squad a James Gunn film

It’s available to order now…

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