The Surfer | First look at the Nic Cage thriller revealed

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The Surfer has just wrapped filming in Australia – and it sounds like a very Cage-ean enterprise. More below…

Put yourself in director Lorcan Finnegan’s shoes for a second. You’ve got the premise for a hit new movie: an Australian man has spent many years building a family in the US until, in what sounds like a bit of a midlife crisis, he decides to buy back his old house down under.

He has fond memories in particular of a certain secluded beach. As a child he spent many happy days there – but in the present day, it’s been taken over by those vagabond enemies of public order: surfer dudes. Claiming ownership over the beach, the man is humiliated in front of his teenage son. Pride shattered, his life falling apart, he stands on the beach, defiant in the face of sunburn and salty-stiff hair, demanding acceptance by the community he left long ago. As the conflict escalates, he begins to question his sanity.

That doesn’t sound like an easy role to cast. The balance of comedy and genuine thrills, bordering on the edge of sanity, sounds like it’ll be pretty tricky to pull off. You’ll have to start the search for a lead right away, scour the Hollywood hills for someone with the screen presence and the hutzpah to make the role their own. This could take weeks, months, years even. There’s no time to… What’s that? Nic Cage is free? Oh well that’s alright then. Phew. That saves time.

Yes, The Surfer has wrapped filming in Australia, and we’ve got our first image to prove it.

Yep, that looks like Nic Cage. Sounds like his sort of film, too. Consider us thoroughly unsurprised (if rather excited).

No release date set for The Surfer as yet, but we’ll let you know when that changes!

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