The Unknown | Viral Willy Wonka Experience villain to get their own horror movie

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The Unknown, the villain at the viral Willy Wonka Experience is getting their own horror movie, because of course they are. More on the story below. 

Only a week after Glasgow’s Willy Wonka Experience went viral, a new horror film centred on The Unknown has been announced. The film will simply be titled The Unknown and will follow a couple who have recently lost their son. 

Photos from the experience, including one of The Unknown, spread online like wildfire after the police were reportedly called to the event which left children in tears and parents furious. The event was marketed with highly misleading, AI-generated artwork. The company behind the event, House of Illuminati, have promised full refunds to visitors. 

The news of the new horror film comes via Bloody Disgusting, who report that Scotland-based production company Kaledonia Pictures is working on it. The Unknown has bugger all to do with Willy Wonka or Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, but is a particularly menacing presence with a silver mask and black robes. It prompts the question of who thought it was a good idea to include them in a children’s event. 

The character was played by a 16-year-old Felicia, who talked about her experience to the BBC

“My character didn’t make any sense without the Wonka explaining who I was, that I was The Unknown, an evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls,” Felicia said. “So I was just sitting behind the mirror trying to act creepy because that was the only direction I was given.”

We do like the sound of an evil chocolate maker living in the walls – it has a bit of a Hansel and Gretel vibe to it. 

“The film, gearing up for production and a late 2024 release, follows a renowned illustrator and his wife who are haunted by the tragic death of their son, Charlie,” Kaledonia Pictures described the upcoming film. “Desperate to escape their grief, the couple leave the world behind for the remote Scottish Highlands – where an unknowable evil awaits them.”

“We are excited to begin production and look forward to sharing more with you as soon as possible,” the company told Bloody Disgusting. “We are actually only a few miles from the event, so it is quite surreal to see Glasgow all over social media, worldwide.”

Kaledonia Pictures are clearly keen on cashing in on the character’s viral fame with that late 2024 release date. We’ll keep you updated on more news on The Unknown. 

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