Tim Burton isn’t a fan of what they did in The Flash: “I’m over it with the studio”

Tim Burton
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Tim Burton has been addressing spoiler-y things from The Flash movie, which he did not appear to like.


A spoiler for The Flash lies ahead.

Amongst the many things that this year’s The Flash movie managed to do, one of them was to spend what must have been a sizeable amount of money simply on jokes to appease a small slice of fandom. I did get the jokes in question, but sat at the end of the film and looked at one of my kids who had no idea at all why 20% of the audience had laughed at the big joke at the end.

Likewise, the moment when Nicolas Cage finally got to inhabit the role of Superman, a joke for fans of a movie that wasn’t made, rather than one that was. In this case, Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, a film that was famously developed for quite a while before Warner Bros pulled the plug on it. It’s worth digging out one of Kevin Smith’s stories of writing for the film, and just what happened to the giant spider one particular executive was asking to be included.

Tim Burton then has been doing an interview with the BFI, and he’s addressed the appearance of Cage in The Flash. As someone who’d been a critic of the way AI had been used before, it’s not much surprise that Burton is not sending a card of appreciation Warner Bros’ way. “It goes into another AI thing”, he argued, “and this is why I’m over it with the studio. They can take what you did, Batman or whatever, and culturally misappropriate it, or whatever you want to call it”.

Warming to his topic, he added that “even though you’re a slave of Disney or Warner Bros, they can do whatever they want”. He describes himself as in “quiet revolt” against the way things are going.

Burton’s next film? That’d be Beetlejuice 2. For Warner Bros, as it happens. Press tour for that should be fun…

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