Top Gun 3 is in development, Tom Cruise set to return

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Those rumours have turned into reports, as the first details emerge regarding what Top Gun 3 could look like.


Back in December there were rumours floating around that Paramount was looking to build on the success of 2022’s hugely successful Top Gun: Maverick with a sequel that would see `Tom Cruise climbing back into the cockpit of a jet fighter for a trilogy-closing movie’.

It’s a month later and those rumours have solidified into reports, suggesting that another Top Gun movie may well be the next project for Cruise once he finishes production on the eighth Mission: Impossible film.

The timing of this report is probably no accident either: Cruise has just inked a deal with Warner Bros in which star and studio have agreed a non-exclusive partnership to develop blockbuster projects and original films. Naturally enough, stories have quickly emerged suggesting that a sequel to Edge Of Tomorrow may suddenly be very high on Cruise’s list of potential next projects.

Apart from Edge Of Tomorrow 2, any future projects with Warner Bros are probably a couple of years away (at least) but we know that an Edge Of Tomorrow sequel has been in development for a long time meaning there’s a much greater chance that after Mission: Impossible 8, Cruise could conceivably just ‘pick it up off the shelf’ and get it going.

Paramount then is keen to make sure it gets first dibs on Cruise’s schedule so hot on the heels of the news of the Warner Bros deal comes this report which certainly has the ring of an official announcement, even if it isn’t one.

So what do we learn from the news? Cruise will return of course, with Miles Teller and Glen Powell set to also reprise their roles from the 2022 sequel. Top Gun:Maverick co-writer Ehren Kruger is drafting the script and producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison are on board. (Ellison in particular will be keen to make this one happen given that rumours regarding his Skydance production company purchasing Paramount refuse to go away.)

The only name who isn’t certain to return is Joseph Kosinski.

The TRON: Legacy director helmed Top Gun: Maverick and is currently producing the Brad Pitt Formula 1 film (that we think is titled Apex) for Apple, but his involvement in a Top Gun: Maverick sequel doesn’t seem quite as much of a sure thing. Not as a director at least, although the report states that he is producing. This story is certainly firming up and we wonder if we’ll hear something official soon.

Until then, we’ll just go play some shirtless beach volleyball (yes, we’re aware it’s winter but our vivid imaginations will keep us warm) until we hear more.


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