Trouble is brewing in the first teaser trailer for supernatural espionage thriller Lawson

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Based on a series of novel by Jon F Merz, the titular undead Fixer comes to life in the first Lawson teaser trailer. 

The age of vampires isn’t over yet, at least if you ask filmmakers. The big wigs at Marvel are (hopefully) working hard on a Blade adaptation which hasn’t been smooth sailing exactly, but there’s another eagerly anticipated, bloodsucking adaptation heading our way. 

Lawson, based on Jon F Merz’s series of books, has just unveiled its first teaser trailer. According to the YouTube description, the film follows “a covert operative for a race of living vampires, as he battles a sinister conspiracy to resurrect an ancient god and an old enemy who resurfaces from his shadowy past in this supernatural espionage film”. 

Take a look at the Lawson trailer below. 

Interestingly, the production has cast Brandon S Stumpf as Lawson. If he looks familiar to you, there’s a reason: Stumpf also appeared on the covers of the Lawson Vampire series portraying the titular vampire operative. 

The cast also includes Shahjehan Khan as Wagner, Liz Eng as Atara, Steven Triebes as Niles, Jose Gonsalves as Arthur, Jam Murphy as Lilith, Jay Street as Newby, Morgan Barnsley as Quinn, Pamela Jayne Morgan as Sari, Logan Raposo as Grom, Christian Carrigan as Welch, Thomas Goze as Stefan, Brian McDonald as the Assassin, and Jon F Merz as Crawford.

The series consists of over 35 novels, novellas and short stories, so there’s plenty of material to mine here. Could Lawson be the next big franchise to sweep Hollywood off its feet? Dan Scarlatelli is directing the film and also co-wrote the script together with Merz. 

There’s no official release date just yet, but the film is expected to be released in 2024.

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