UltraViolet closure: new reminder to users ahead of deadline

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The digital movie service UltraViolet enters its last three months of life – and users are being sent information about keeping access to their films and TV shows.


As we reported earlier this year, the UltraViolet service – whereby digital copies of films and TV shows are available to users via the cloud – is shutting this summer. UltraViolet copies have, for some years, been bundled in with physical DVD and Blu-ray releases in many instances as a bonus digital copy. But from July 31st 2019, the service will no longer exist.

Many users have expressed concerns over whether they will retain access to films they’ve acquired over the service, and certainly that appears to be the intention. Still, UltraViolet relies on a linked online store for users to access their collection of films and shows, with TalkTalk TV the online option in the UK. And there’s a degree of vagueness in the language that’s just been sent to users of the service in a new reminder.

At the end of last week, UltraViolet users in the UK were sent a mail reminding them that closure was imminent. Furthermore, it said that “Currently, you can continue to watch the movies and TV shows available at your linked retailer(s). To maximize your continued access, it is important that you not unlink or close your UltraViolet Library”.

‘To maximise your continued access’ is a lovely phrase, that feels like it’s been checked multiple times by posh people in suits, in order to give a little wiggle room.

Still, users are being advised not to close or unlink their UltraViolet library. Further updates and reminders will be issued over the coming weeks, that hopefully offer a slightly more concrete assurance.

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