UltraViolet: customers advised on how to “maximise” their “continued access”

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Both UltraViolet and Flixster are closing down in the UK shortly.

July 31st is shutdown day for the UltraViolet cloud movie service, with just over a month now left for users of the service to ensure they don’t leave access to their films. UltraViolet is the service whereby film studios – since 2011 – have been providing a digital copy of a film in some cases with a physical disc purchase. But it was announced earlier this year that UltraViolet was coming to an end.

Users have now been written to again, to make sure they don’t lose access to their films. If you’re a user of UltraViolet and haven’t had the email, you’re now being advised to log in at www.myuv.com and choose the Retailer Services option. There, you can choose who your UltraViolet library is linked to.

Or can you? Already, UltraViolet’s emails have added a hint of vagueness, with phrases such as “maximize your continued access”, giving it a little bit of wiggle room.

But a fresh twist in the UK is that the last remaining online retailer supporting the service is also shutting up shop. Flixster, which has already ended its service in the US, is closing its UK service this coming October. Users will have their film libraries migrated to the Google Play service, although details haven’t yet been sent to customers as to what they need to do there.

The immediate deadline is UltraViolet, though. If you haven’t already, do log into your account and redeem any existing codes. Plus, don’t forget to link your account to a retailer…

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