Until Dawn confirmed for Playstation 5 and PC for later this year

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Supermassive’s horror game Until Dawn has been confirmed for a Playstation 5 and PC release later in 2024. 

Playstation held their first State Of Play of 2024 last night (31st January). Gamers around the world got sneak peeks at Playstation’s upcoming games and plenty of new announcements. 

One of those announcements was Until Dawn’s release on Playstation 5. Supermassive’s seminal horror game from 2015, originally released for PS4, will be available on both PS5 and PC sooner than you’d think. 

While the team didn’t give the game a set release date, they did reveal that it would be coming later this year. 

Until Dawn is arguably Supermassive’s biggest release to date and for good reason. It’s almost unbearably tense and has excellent replay value. The gameplay consists of making choices rather than traditional exploration and combat. The choices you make then change how the narrative unfolds and which characters survive and which don’t.

Until Dawn is also due a film adaptation, as we reported recently. Sony is developing the film with Shazam!’s David F. Sandberg on board to direct it. Some might argue that a film adaptation is a little moot in the case of Until Dawn; the cinematic visuals, narrative and overall gameplay make the game feel like a film already. 

After its release in 2015, Until Dawn spawned two spin-off games. An on-rails shooter titled Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood was released in 2016 and a prequel, titled The Inpatient, was released the following year. The Inpatient takes place at the Sanatorium which one of the characters in Until Dawn ends up exploring. 

Supermassive did release a spiritual successor to Until Dawn called The Quarry in 2022. While Until Dawn took its influences from the cabin in the woods style horror, The Quarry is like Friday The 13th on acid, in the best possible way. Both games feature Hollywood actors, such as Hayden Panettiere, Justice Smith, Ted Raimi, David Arquette and Rami Malek. 

When Until Dawn’s PS5 and PC versions have a release date, we’ll be sure to let you know. 

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